Assistance to Foreigners

  • Legal assistance for international investments in Brazil in the field of business law such as business start-up, due diligence and business management;
  • Legal assistance to foreigners, including those outside Brazil, in family law lawsuits in the Brazilian courts;
  • Legal assistance to foreigners investigated or charged with crimes, including transnational crimes;
  • Foreign legal assistance in the acquisition and rental of real estate in Brazil;
  • Homologation of foreign judgments of any kind;
  • Application of the Hague Convention on the illegal detention (abduction) of children and adolescents in or outside Brazil;
  • Legal assistance to foreign resident in Brazil in relation to labor legislation;
  • Legal assistance to foundations, non-governmental organizations and foreign companies for economic and social investments in Brazil, including to promote partnerships with the Brazilian state;
  • Regularization of stay and defense in extradition and expulsion of foreigners;