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About us

The founding partners, the Brazilian Carlos Nicodemos and the Dutchman Frans Nederstigt, met in 1993 during the re-democratization of Brazil, after the promulgation of the 1988 Federal Constitution, both advocating in the defense of Human Rights, especially in the area of children’s rights.

Carlos Nicodemos and Frans Nederstigt always have seen the Law as a tool for legal empowerment and the full exercise of citizens’ rights, considering that literally “ad vogar” (speaking on behalf) is giving voice to a person – a client – while facing injustices.  

The law firm NN Advogados Associados was founded in 2002 based on that vision and currently provides a highly qualified legal staff, dedicating itself to the practice of law specializing in Family Law and the Rights of the Child both nationally and internationally and also in the areas Civil Law, Penal Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law and Third Sector and legal representation of foreigners in Brazil.  

Our major differential is our human capital, the academic knowledge and experience of our attorneys. Beside their understanding and capability to work with cultural differences, our attorneys are able to attend to the needs of our clients fluently in Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish.  

Our other differential is the way in which we keep our clients informed with transparency and efficiency and our flexible forms of billing.

Nossa Equipe

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Work Methodology

Fluent attendance in Portuguese, English, Dutch and Spanish.

Personalized and specialized approach, considering client demands.

Analytical study on the legal strategies to be adopted.

Accountability and reporting in a transparent and effective manner.

Understanding and ability to work with cultural differences.

Legal team with international legal background in various countries.

NN Initiatives


“Dutcham” is the Dutch-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce of which NN Advogados Associados is a member.

Partnership with Centrum Internationale Kinderontvoering (International Center on Child Abduction) in the Netherlands.

First law firm in Rio de Janeiro to be an Associate Member of the Brazilian LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Partnership with the Italian law firm “Brasilitalia legal", based in Italy.

Organizational Identity


Being an internationally oriented law firm dominating the areas of civil, family, child and adolescent, corporate, labor and criminal law with excellence in foreign assistance in Brazil.


To promote legal assistance in the broad sense, especially in the field of public and private international law, in a personalized manner, with the ethical and professional commitment to satisfy our Brazilian and foreign clients in a consultative and litigious manner in Courts.


Ethical commitment, respect and transparency in the relationship with clients and employees;

Excellence in service delivery with commitment to efficiency, effectiveness and technical competence in the attorney services provided

Respect for the rule of law and the human rights of the parties involved.